When is it time to hire a temp

01 August 2017 Jennifer Procter

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Sometimes clients are unsure of temping and whether a temping solution is for them. We are noticing that more and more clients are embracing temps for a number of reasons and from our experience these are just some of the reasons why people engage a temp:

  • Leave – whether it be to cover someone who is off sick for a day or longer, on annual leave gap or even maternity leave cover– temp cover can be as short as a day or as long as 12 months or more – you can continue an assignment as long as you decide too
  • The search for a permanent staff member is taking longer than anticipated – this is a perfect time to engage a temp who can keep the role ticking over and can help minimise disruption to the team. In some cases, we have clients who like our temps so much that they offer them a permanent role
  • Restructure of a company – sometimes during a restructure we will engage temps to cover different roles to enable you to see if those roles work as planned 
  • A try before you by scenario – this is when you are simply unsure and would like to see if a particular candidate is right for the job and your company
  • Permanent headcount restrictions – this is common with larger businesses where headcount isn’t available on a permanent basis. A temp allows them to keep the position filled until a permanent solution is able to be offered
  • An overflow of work – having a temp will help you cope with the current demands until the work load eases and is back to normal
  • You simply can’t afford a permanent person at the moment so a temp will come in and be another set of hands to help when you are under the pump

Temping is certainly becoming more prevalent in this market place and temping is no longer considered something people do in between jobs. Most of our temps are career temps who enjoy going into different workplaces to fill a gap, assist with overflows of work and would like a little work /life balance.