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  • Benefits of Doing Temp Work

    Temping is a great way to develop your skills, maintain industry experience, make some extra cash and gain experience working in different types of offices and companies. Even a short term assignment will expose you to a new environment and new ways of doing things! Temping, contract and casual work is becoming increasingly common in the modern workforce, and employees and e...

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  • Why You Should Make a Recruitment Consultant Part of Your Career Toolkit

    Most job hunters only think of working with a recruitment consultant when the time comes for them to actively start looking for a new job. It makes sense, recruitment consultants are good at connecting people to jobs. But, have you ever thought of maintaining a working relationship with a recruiter when you are happily employed? Benefits of an ongoing relationship. Develo...

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  • How to Handle Your Interview Anxiety

    Palms sweat, heart races, voice shakes, negative thoughts swirl, it’s hard to breathe. Sound familiar? You’re not the only one! These are just some of the many symptoms people experience before and during a job interview. The phenomenon of interview anxiety afflicts even the most successful and naturally confident, and sometimes it feels that there’s no fix or trick. B...

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    Interview Anxiety
  • 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Preparation for an Interview

    You can prepare for an interview. And then you can REALLY prepare for an interview. It’s the latter that will land you the job. Interview preparation includes a lot of givens. For example, planning to arrive on time. Too many candidates arrive late. Arriving late does not give your interviewer a great first impression. We suggest working out your trip to the interview, al...

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    Interview Prep
  • Our Tips on How to Make a Great First Impression

    There are so many points in your career and in particular your job search where first impressions count for everything! From interviews, networking or your first day at your new job, it’s important to put your best foot forward to leave a lasting impression. We have compiled our top 4 tips on how to make a great first impression – no matter the situation! Prepare – mak...

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