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  • Interview Tips as a Client

    As an interviewer it is easy to forget that you are also being assessed. Throughout an interview your potential new employee will be analysing what they think of you, your office and the opportunity.  So, although job interviews are predominantly about the candidate and your thoughts as the interviewer on whether or not they are going to be suitable for the position and the ...

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    Interview Tips
  • 3 Must-dos Before Every Interview

    There are three very important things you must do before every interview. If you do, your chances of securing that job are much higher. The three must-dos are: Anticipate Prepare Practice And this is why: Anticipate Isn’t it a great feeling when you know exactly what the interviewer will ask and you can respond with the perfect answer? This can be don...

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  • How to Stand Out

    Throughout your career and your job search in particular, there will be many situations where you will be given one chance to make a good first impression and one chance only. As recruiters, we have seen it all – from turning up late (or not at all) to an interview and bad-mouthing previous employers to aggressively demanding that a job be offered to you. We have compiled...

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  • How to Survive Your Exit Interview

    You have handed in your letter of resignation, you have worked through your notice period and you’ve cleaned up all your belongings ready for your final day. However, before you’re allowed out the door, you have to do one last thing: the dreaded exit interview. To help you avoid any unnecessary awkwardness, here are some ideas on preparation to survive your exit interv...

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