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  • Tips & Tricks to Mastering Social Media

    Virginia posted a video last year about the power of social media. As both a candidate and a client social is very important when it comes to recruitment. Virginia says “You can guarantee as a candidate that the moment your CV hits a desk, that employer is looking at your social media account.” Here is a recap of Virginia’s video and a few tips from Mitch Hills from Ma...

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  • 10 Things Great Bosses Do Every Day (Part 1)

    We’ve all heard the adage, “People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses.” It makes great fodder for after-work gripe sessions, but is it true? Dr. Travis Bradberry, award-winning co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, says it definitely is. In one study, he says, 61% of those working for bad bosses said they were looking for another job, while just 27% of those w...

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  • Avoid These Words in Your Next Interview!

    So you’ve landed an interview for your dream role, you have the ability and experience to secure the role however how you articulate yourself may be letting you down. You can be dressed the part in your interview suit and on paper you may be the ideal candidate but how you sound is equally important. Many job seekers let careless speech habits sink their chances of landin...

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