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  • How to re-enter the workforce after time away

    Our Director Virginia Brookes talks to The Real Estate Conversation on Tips and advice for people looking to re-enter the real estate industry after taking time off! Getting back into any industry after time off can be daunting and nerve wracking. Virginia Brookes, director of Resolver Recruitment spoke to WILLIAMS MEDIA about her advice for people who have taken a few...

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    Virginia Brookes Resolver Recruitment Director
  • 5 Best Tips for Not Blowing up Your Job Interview!

    Getting the interview is just the first step. Now, you must sell yourself. To secure the role, you will need to show the employer that you are the person for the role. Here are 5 tips on what not to do for your next interview: 1. Not Managing Your Arrival Time Plan your route to the interview in advance. Make sure you know how to get there and how long it will tak...

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    Article Pic 21st August