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  • 5 Real Estate New Year's Career Resolutions

    It's the end of the year. We're all about to finish up our last few days of work and are looking forward to a summer full of sunshine, family, friends, Frosé, and naps...don't forget the naps. As we hit the New Year, it's a time when many of us start thinking about our resolutions for the year ahead. Your list might include big-ticket items like moving away, travelling th...

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  • Why you should consider making a horizontal career move, according to a recruiter

    We're always told we should be moving UP the career ladder - but have you ever considered a sideways move? Horizontal career moves can be just as beneficial to your career as vertical ones, and they're becoming more common. A sideways move is essentially where you move into a role adjacent to yours, as the term suggests. Our Director Virginia Brookes of Resolver Recrui...

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  • Let's Plan For A Successful 2019!

    Believe it or not, another year has flown by and we’re already gearing up for a new one. As humans we tend to procrastinate with our lives and careers and then comes December and we wonder why we have no measure on our goals and dreams. For a successful 2019, let’s aim to change that. Let’s plan for all the momentum we can handle in the next 12 months. Start on the right ...

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