We’re asking all the right questions, so you don’t have to!

We’re asking all the right questions, so you don’t have to!
18 days ago by Jackie Parrella

The key to unlocking a candidate’s true potential starts at the interview stage, this is a bold statement but I’m happy to back it with some knowledge!
Potential can mean slightly different things to different companies and in the nature of the industry I work in we must be prepared to interview our candidates to accommodate the vast industries we service.

While every interview is different it’s smart to have a list behavioural questions to help save time and ensure consistency when meeting candidates. With a staggering 57% of employers admitting they struggle to asses’ soft skills wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to have an agency that don’t?

A survey of 1,300 hiring managers conducted by LinkedIn found 6 top soft skills that were most commonly looked for and at Temp Talent we assess candidates on all of them.

Willingness to be flexible when it’s required and the ability to assess what was learnt from an experience is an important trait to have when temping, adaptability is essential for flourishing in a rapidly changing work environment which can arise throughout assignments. It’s proven that candidates that are adaptable are more likely to achieve better outcomes and are willing to try something new or embrace a swift change.

Temps have this great ability to bring a fresh set of eyes to a role so we’re always open minded about cultural adds and understand that they can ultimately do great things for your business. We’re looking for candidates that don’t just preserve the existing culture but can perhaps bring something new and unexpected to their specific role.

If you’re looking to improve your office productivity, morale & order then collaboration skills is where it’s at! Everyone has their different work style however when people aren’t good at working together it can create roadblocks. The nature of temping means our candidates are often going to a range of different office environments, so by understanding their work style we can better match someone who is team aligned and who will drive others to succeed.

Doesn’t matter what level I’m interviewing for I’m always on the lookout for candidates who can inspire. Assertiveness without being pushy and having the ability to create a professional dialogue is a sought-after skill to have and reflects great leadership. LinkedIn found that companies with strong leadership are 13x more likely to outperform their competition so it’s not just their skills I assess but their ability too.

What’s the biggest career goal you’ve achieved to date?  I’m looking out for their motivation and drive so that they can apply this to your booking. I’m essentially screening candidates for their growth potential, as temp assignments come with an end date the growth component sometimes doesn’t apply however traits like eagerness to learn and willingness to be challenged are positive traits to have.

Final key trait I am screening for is prioritisation and if our candidates can manage key tasks, currently the third most desirable quality to have it’s important we look for people who can manage their time effectively so work does not fall through the cracks. Do you remember the last time you felt stressed of overwhelmed? Can say amongst this pandemic it has probably been within the last few weeks, from that stress did you set a methodical plan in motion to stay calm & focused? When candidates know how to prioritise, they’re able to stick to deadlines and are less likely to drop the ball.

Yes we’re able to quickly identify candidates who have the best matched experience for the job however we want to offer more than just the norm. When done right we truly believe that we have better quality interviews to attract the right talent for you!