• FREE Resume Template

    Temp Talent know the imporatance of a killer CV and with such a competitive job market at the moment, we want to share our tips for improving your chances of success and provide you with a free CV Template.Click here to downloadStudies show that hiring managers spend an average of just 7.6 seconds on each job application and with the increasing demand for employment, it is i...

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  • Is Time Really Money?

    The age-old question of how much temp recruitment agencies are charging their clients is once again prominent and especially now when businesses are mindful of every dollar being spent. The notion of cost is forever a stumbling block I am often faced with when speaking to potential clients and it’s always a discussion I am happy to have over and over again, and you may ask w...

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  • Our guarantee to our temporary employees

    Some of the most common questions we are asked by our temporary candidates are surrounding when they can expect to start work, or “can we guarantee consistent hours?” Temporary candidates come to us for a wide range of reasons surrounding resignations, change of industry or scenery, or they have just landed in Sydney on a Working Holiday Visa and need to cover rent and ot...

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  • What Now … are you ready for your team to return to work?

    Now that NSW is surpassing at flattening this curve it is time to plan for when things start turning back to normal- whatever normal will now mean. Planning for this should ideally involve both short term and long-term strategies and address both what should we do now? and what should our business look like? As restrictions start to lift, employers are facing a different ...

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  • Reignite your Business in 2020 - Webinar

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  • How to show your staff appreciation during this time

    We've been so lucky at Temp Talent to have our Director Virginia Brookes be really accommodating to the changing work environments & styles. We can say our work productivity has increased whilst being at home as we have the flexibility to get to those dreaded life admin tasks! What we've found works for our team is a quick morning catch up via teams to discuss goal...

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  • How to win over a potential employee in 7.6 seconds

    Have you found yourself out of work due to Covid-19 and not sure where to start with your job search? Start by taking the time to refresh your CV before hitting the job boards! Studies show that hiring managers spend an average of just 7.6 seconds on each job application and with the increasing demand for employment, it is imperative that you spend the time making sure yo...

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  • Why now is the best time to use a temp!

    It is highly likely that coronavirus has had a significant impact on your business and on your plans to hire on the permanent front. So, whilst you may not be able to look at hiring permanent employees, there is a great temp option that you can utilise to get the extra help you need! Temp Talent can supply you with a range of temps and varying skill sets from remote...

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  • 5 things you should do if you find yourself without a job

    Across the globe, employees are being laid off due to COVID -19. These are certainly hard times for everyone. The uneven economy is making it incredibly difficult for many people to find work during this time.   Despite the difficult conditions, we might not be able to control being unemployed but we can control how we react to it. Here are 5 ways to keep you busy a...

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  • Simple tips to implement while working remotely

    Working remotely can take time to get used to, especially for people who are used to daily face to face interaction. Implementing the following simple tips can help to make each day a bit better and more productive. Create a separate space for working Whilst not everyone can have a home office, creating a space that you can step away from at the end of each day is cruc...

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