• What I’ve learnt about being an Entrepreneur

    Our Fearless Leader & Director Virginia Brookes was featured in this month's edition of LATTE by Business Chicks talking all things business and entrepreneurship. Here's what she had to say in case you missed it!    What's a quote you live by? Nothing ventured nothing gained – I apply it to every aspect of my life!   What's the toughest business challeng...

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  • Why you shouldn’t wait until January for a new job!

    I know so many people who say that their New Years' resolution is to look for a new job. But, why wait until the 1st January 2020 to decide on it - it's best to decide and get looking now!    Many employers wait until the end of the year to really focus on finding new team members for 2020 and ideally they would love for you to start in the New Year when you are fresh ...

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  • 6 steps to a successful career change

    Making a career change can be a daunting experience. But gone are the days when most of the workforce stayed in the one stable job for decades. In Australia, 57% of people have made a career change before; 19% have done so in the last twelve months. So, how did they do it?  1. Self-assessment.  A good place to start is with an honest self-assessment. Changing careers can...

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  • Sound confident in your next interview by avoiding these words!

    So you’ve landed an interview for your dream role, you have the ability and experience to secure the role however how you articulate yourself may be letting you down. You can be dressed the part in your interview suit and on paper you may be the ideal candidate but how you sound is equally important. Many job seekers let careless speech habits sink their chances of landin...

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  • How to negotiate a job offer

    Receiving a job offer is an incredibly exciting and much-anticipated part of the job searching process, so it is important to handle this part of the process tactfully and professionally. We have witnessed many times that an offer is withdrawn because the candidate thinks they have all the power and as a result, they mismanage the process. Our sister Resolver Recruitment hav...

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    Exploding Job Offer Dice
  • Michelle Alchian: Top Tips On How To Succeed In Real Estate!

    We sat down with Michelle Alchian, one of our Consultants from Temp Talent's sister company Resolver Recruitment, to find out about her journey in Real Estate and those all-important top tips on how to succeed in this fantastic industry!   How did you get into the industry? When I finished high school I couldn’t wait to start work!  While everyone was planning ...

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  • Training with the New York Fire Department

    As my last post mentioned, this was still the highlight of my trip from the Big Apple. While I knew we would be carrying out some training whilst we were there, I had no idea what training though and to say that I conquered some fears was an understatement and some of these I am incredibly proud of! First up, we donned full firefighters attire, including the helmet, and l...

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  • New York Fire Department - FDNY

    If I have to be honest, this was probably what I was looking forward to most of all on my trip to NYC. For all the people who think it was the firefighters I was running to look at you are ABSOLUTELY wrong! The first thing that sprung to mind when I heard we were headed to the FDNY academy was 9/11 and how this team of individuals pulled together for one of the most intense ...

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  • Oh what an experience and oh, what a city!

    Exactly 4 weeks ago today, I set off on an adventure where I had no idea what to expect but I was excited! I was one of a group of 28 business women who embarked on a trip together with the oppportunity to explore some of the most exciting businesses in New York. Not only this, but we also got to spend 2 days at Stern NYU Business school where the focus was on disruptive thi...

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  • Questions you should ask your recruiter

    Many questions race through your mind when being informed about a new job from a recruiter. However the temptation from asking that one particular question first off can ultimately do you a disservice, what company is the job for will let any recruiter know that you’ve fallen into the brand name trap.  When looking for jobs other factors like office location, culture fit ...

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