• Training with the New York Fire Department

    As my last post mentioned, this was still the highlight of my trip from the Big Apple. While I knew we would be carrying out some training whilst we were there, I had no idea what training though and to say that I conquered some fears was an understatement and some of these I am incredibly proud of! First up, we donned full firefighters attire, including the helmet, and l...

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  • New York Fire Department - FDNY

    If I have to be honest, this was probably what I was looking forward to most of all on my trip to NYC. For all the people who think it was the firefighters I was running to look at you are ABSOLUTELY wrong! The first thing that sprung to mind when I heard we were headed to the FDNY academy was 9/11 and how this team of individuals pulled together for one of the most intense ...

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  • Oh what an experience and oh, what a city!

    Exactly 4 weeks ago today, I set off on an adventure where I had no idea what to expect but I was excited! I was one of a group of 28 business women who embarked on a trip together with the oppportunity to explore some of the most exciting businesses in New York. Not only this, but we also got to spend 2 days at Stern NYU Business school where the focus was on disruptive thi...

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  • Questions you should ask your recruiter

    Many questions race through your mind when being informed about a new job from a recruiter. However the temptation from asking that one particular question first off can ultimately do you a disservice, what company is the job for will let any recruiter know that you’ve fallen into the brand name trap.  When looking for jobs other factors like office location, culture fit ...

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  • How to recruit in a candidate tight market

    As recruiters, we are often asked the question how can I apply for a role where the job ad is full of requirements that normal people simply don’t possess? It’s a catch 22, you need experience to get into real estate 80% of the time but how do you get that experience if no one will give you a chance or if the employer’s expectation is unrealistic? The market we are in at the...

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  • Getting your foot in the door in Real Estate Sales and getting ahead…

    Once you have decided that Real Estate Sales is definitely the career path you want how do you take the next step? The common questions we are asked in Sales are – how do I get into Sales? How do I become a top agent? The following are all great ways to commence your long term sales career;    • Start as a Sales Assistant to a high performing agent or as the junior ...

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  • Get rid of your work place distraction and boost your productivity!

    No one is totally alone with getting distracted; at some point during the day we can get easily distracted from what we are supposed to be doing! There are a huge amount of things that can be disruptive in the work place but one of the largest distractions is most certainly technology.  We rely on it so much to do our work but it can also see us get lost in hours of facebook...

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    Boost Your Productivity At Work
  • Personal Development

    For many of us the thought of standing still in your career is enough to make you shudder. So how can you be sure that you are on track to living your best life when it comes to your career and your personal life? I have put together a few ideas to keep you thinking and keep you moving to where you want to be! It's important to understand yourself, and where you're hea...

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    Personal Development Plan
  • How to be indispensable in your office

    Job security is always a topic of discussion and concern even in the most buoyant, skills short markets. There can be changes to departments, roles can be revamped and staff shuffled around its just a part of the corporate world. Being indispensable at work means your employer can rely on you to help maintain productivity and profitability and in turn they couldn’t imagine h...

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    Corporate Environment
  • How To Show Your Strengths And Successes Wthout Boasting

    Boasting about your accomplishments and achievements is never easy however, it is very important to be able to show your strengths and successes, especially when in an interview. Most people do not enjoy tooting their own horns, yet being too humble can ultimately cost you a job or the promotion you have been working hard towards. Here are some tips to help you sing your ...

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