• 4 Ways To Improve Your Resume

    Many of us have been in this position before – applying for multitudes of roles on job boards and receiving little reply! In many cases, this might be due to your CV lacking in important information, relevance to the role, or not selling you properly. The first step to securing your dream role is to get your CV noticed in the mountain of applications your potential employer ...

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  • 3 questions to ask yourself when you are considering a counter-offer

    Receiving a new job offer is a very exciting time in your career, but it can also be daunting. Resigning from a role can be very difficult and there are often times when an employer will counter-offer with a higher salary in a bid to make you stay.  If you find yourself in this situation, there are at least 3 questions that you should ask yourself before making a decision...

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  • How to deal with changes in your career plan

    At some stages throughout your career you will find that everything is not moving forward the way you planned or expected. Sometimes this will be for reasons out of your control and if you can relate to some of my reasons below there are some ways to help steer your career back on track. 1. There appears to be no room to progress in your current place of employment. Have...

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  • Finding the right fit in a changing market

    Agents across the country are encountering a slower market than that which has existed for the last five years. This is particularly true for Sydney agents. Those who have been in the industry long enough know this is a correcting market and are familiar with the tougher conditions. However, new agents – or those who began their career when the market was at its peak – mi...

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  • How to Climb the Property Management Ladder

    So you've finally landed a role in Property Management.... Where do you go from here and what are your options? Leasing / Property Officer - so you've landed your first role in Property Management and you’re learning the ropes - this is now your first real chance to see where your strengths lie and what you enjoy. Do you enjoy the administration side and problem solving p...

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    How To Climb The Property Management Ladder
  • What to do when starting a new role

    Starting a new role can be daunting and a significant change for candidates who have been in their current role or company for several years. Hopefully, this new role will be a long-term, fruitful decision, however it is easy to make mistakes in the initial few months of your role – which can be critical (especially in probationary periods). Below we have compiled several ti...

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  • How to navigate your weaknesses in an interview!

    So your interview is going well and then the feared question comes up “how would you describe your weaknesses’” This is a common question often asked by interviewers as it shows how self-aware you are and will immediately tell your interviewee if you are humble or disingenuous in your response. It is important to remember that even though the question is about your weakne...

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  • The Two Things Your Recruiter Needs To Know About You

    Almost any recruiter will tell you that having a strong, long-term relationship with them will enhance your career success. A recruiter is a person who can support you in your job search by identifying suitable roles, approaching companies for you, and giving you expert advice.  But that's only if you give them all the information they need from the start. Director ...

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  • How To Know When You Have Outgrown Your Job

    It happens to us all at some point in our work life, you have that moment where you feel like you are hitting a ceiling and you no longer fit into a role you once loved and felt you had room to grow with. This is a totally normal feeling and recognising the signs and doing something about the way you feel before your employer notices is crucial. Below Resolver have put toget...

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  • What does your recruiter need from you?

    As a Candidate, working with a recruiter can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons that will only allow you to enhance your career success. Firstly it is essential to work with a recruiter you can trust; ask around with other people in the industry, read online reviews and look online to see who is most active in your marketplace – you need to find someone who is a “c...

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