• 5 Real Estate New Year's Career Resolutions

    It's the end of the year. We're all about to finish up our last few days of work and are looking forward to a summer full of sunshine, family, friends, Frosé, and naps...don't forget the naps. As we hit the New Year, it's a time when many of us start thinking about our resolutions for the year ahead. Your list might include big-ticket items like moving away, travelling th...

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  • Why you should consider making a horizontal career move, according to a recruiter

    We're always told we should be moving UP the career ladder - but have you ever considered a sideways move? Horizontal career moves can be just as beneficial to your career as vertical ones, and they're becoming more common. A sideways move is essentially where you move into a role adjacent to yours, as the term suggests. Our Director Virginia Brookes of Resolver Recrui...

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  • Let's Plan For A Successful 2019!

    Believe it or not, another year has flown by and we’re already gearing up for a new one. As humans we tend to procrastinate with our lives and careers and then comes December and we wonder why we have no measure on our goals and dreams. For a successful 2019, let’s aim to change that. Let’s plan for all the momentum we can handle in the next 12 months. Start on the right ...

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  • How to negotiate a job offer like a pro in real estate

    So you received a job offer. Congratulations! You're thrilled, and you should be - but don't go popping that bottle of Moet just yet. Our Director Virginia Brookes says she often sees job offers withdrawn because the candidate thinks they have all the power and negotiate the offer poorly. This is how to negotiate a job offer like a pro. Firstly, get the offer in wri...

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  • 5 Time Management Skills All Real Estate Agents Need

    Our Director, Virginia Brookes says these are the most important time management skills real estate agents need to be successful. Perhaps one of the biggest differences between real estate agents who are killing it and those who are struggling is effective time management. It's not that the ones who are at the top of their game necessarily have extra time, it's just th...

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    Time Management
  • Why Businesses should use a recruiter?

    In a tightening market I think it’s imperative now to align yourself with a recruiter who understands your business and understands your business objectives. ‌ ‌Why should you as an active business owner handle your own recruitment when you could be carrying out dollar productive tasks to increase your offices productivity and profitability. ‌ ‌A recruiter that knows you...

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    Perfect Recruitment
  • Job seekers beware: Red flags that scream "don't take this job!"

    You often hear about red flags employers need to be cautious of when hiring new employees. From shoddy references and a sketchy work history to arriving late and unprepared, there are a lot of things employers need to watch out for when hiring someone new. But what about red flags job seekers need to keep an eye out for? It's equally important for candidates to do their r...

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  • How to get the most out of the person you're interviewing

    Read below our latest article from REINSW Interviews are hard. They are like your first date and your first day of school condensed into thirty minutes in which you have to share your achievements without boasting and prove you’re a good person to someone you’ve just met.  Like we said, they are hard. But have you ever thought about what it feels like to be on the ot...

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  • Why you should align yourself with a respected Recruiter

    Looking for a new role is one of the most difficult and stressful things to navigate, but aligning yourself with a specialist recruiter can make the journey much easier. By working with a specialist recruiter you won’t be alone in your job search and by taking the time to get to know you, your skills and your experiences they can seek out the perfect job for you! Here are th...

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  • How to decide on a career path in real estate.

    Our Director, Virginia Brookes shared her tips on how to decide on a career path in real estate with The Real Estate Conversation. It's not hard to find a nine to five job to keep the water running and the electricity on in your apartment. But it is much harder to find a job that really makes your soul sing. So you've decided on a career in real estate. Congrats! Movin...

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