What's Next in The Temp Process

When you register with our office you will meet with one of our qualified consultants who will go through your experience and skills in great detail to ensure we best understand you and your strengths.

We skills test you on MS Office Suite and typing to ensure your PC skills are best matched to your assignment and you are not thrown in the deep end.

We carry out reference checks to ensure we know what you are like in the work place so we can best match you with a temporary assignment.

You need to call or email us once per week to let us know of your availability that way when an assignment comes in we know to call you and tell you all about it first.

Once we secure you an assignment we will email you a full confirmation so you know what to expect in your booking, who to ask for upon arrival, what the dress code and hours are along with any other handy tips to help make your temp experience a smooth one.

We get you to send us your timesheet every Friday so we can pay you for all of your hard work.

We will also have regular check-ins whilst you’re in a booking to ensure your expectations are met and to see if we can get the client to keep you a bit longer