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  • What to Include in Your Resume

    Personal Details. The most important personal details to include on your resume are your full name and contact information - it’s best to include both your phone number and email address. Career Objective. If you are a recent university graduate or school leaver without much professional experience, you might like to begin your resume with a career objective. If you are a...

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  • How to Answer the Salary Question

    Are you a great salary negotiator? Are you able to answer the question: What are your salary expectations? When considering responses in preparation for an interview, this question is not always at the top of our minds, in fact many of us haven’t even given it much thought on how to answer this question. Your well thought out response can make the difference to landing...

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  • Singing Your Own Praises

    Boasting about your accomplishments and achievements is never easy however, it is very important to be able to show your strengths and successes, especially when in an interview. Most people do not enjoy tooting their own horns, yet being too humble can ultimately cost you a job or the promotion you have been working hard towards. Here are some tips to help you sing your ...

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  • Top 3 tough interview questions and how to give the best answers!

    For any first interview to develop into a positive second interview you will need to prepare and run through practise questions and have some pre planned answers in the pipeline. Some questions may be easier to answer however it is highly advised to practice every imaginable question they could throw at you. Below are the common tough questions often asked and how to give a ...

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