How Do We Help You?

Focusing purely on temporary recruitment across the business support functions of the corporate world, Temp Talent are experts in providing clients with the best temporary staffing solutions for their business. Our mantra is speed and accuracy in ensuring that your business continues to function optimally day-in, day-out.

The team at Temp Talent can take care of the entire process from start to finish for you so you can be sure that hiring a temp through us will minimise any unneeded disruption to you or your business.

At Temp Talent we really take the time to understand your business, your needs, your work style, and what you need from the temporary staff member that comes into your team; to ensure that we provide you with the right person - we won’t just send you anyone and hope for the best!

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Why work with us?

Our priority is to make sure that your business consistently runs smoothly regardless of any situation you face.

  • We provide an end to end solution - from face to face/ virtual screening, skills testing, reference checking, managing payroll and regular check-ins to ensure you expectations of the Candidate are being met.

  • We provide a 4-hour replacement guarantee – so if you are not happy, we will not charge you for the first 4 hours and find an immediate replacement.

  • We provide a flexible service offering, meaning our temps are available for short term, long term, full or part time assignments.

  • We are all about building long term relationships – we aim to be uniquely aligned to your business so you can always trust us to provide a solution to your staffing problems.

  • We offer competitive rates that are inclusive of wages, taxes, superannuation and work cover. Plus, you will only be charged for the hours your temp works, ensuring that you have the most cost-effective solution available.

  • We have a huge pool of casually employed, pre-qualified Candidates ready to step into the role you need filling.

  • We take the stress out of that last-minute staffing requirement and can generally get someone into your office within an hour of taking your call.

  • We pride ourselves on repeat business & referrals.

How we work

Screening and Selection
All our temps are personally met with and interviewed by one of our team, to ensure that we understand each Candidates’ skills and personality. We will only send you candidates that we genuinely believe will fit your requirements.
All our temps are tested on Microsoft Office programs and typing skills, and further testing can be carried out as necessary for your needs. We also conduct at least two reference checks (where possible) and a copy of these references is available for you to view if needed. We take copies of identification and carry out Vevo checks for visa holders as required, which are held on file by us.

Booking a temp in
When you are ready to hire a temp, we will take a detailed brief over the phone and confirm our rates.
Once we have a suitable temp available for the role, we will get back in touch with you to provide their details.

If you require a temp the same day, we have temps on standby each morning ready to go. We will let you know how soon you can expect the candidate to be at your office and always aim to have someone there within an hour of confirming their availability.

Online Timesheets
Temps are required to log their hours worked on an online time sheet portal for your approval at the end of each week. Once submitted, this
timesheet is automatically emailed to your nominated authoriser to provide approval in one easy click.You will also have the option to reject a time sheet and leave a note as to why, and Temp Talent will follow this up with the candidate.

Our service does not start and stop at the placement of the candidate. Once placed, we will keep in regular contact to ensure that your expectations of the Candidate are being met.

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