• Top Tips for Recruiting in the New Financial Year

    ​The new financial year always bring fresh activity to the job market as new goals and projects are set, and new budgets allocated, creating new jobs. Most companies with finalise budgets for the new financial year in May and June and start hiring June/July to set the next year up to achieve their growth targets. On the back of this there are often newly created roles.Howeve...

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  • The Importance Of Taking A Lunch Break

    ​The importance of taking a lunch break 3.8 million Australian workers routinely don’t take a lunch break, with one in two of them saying it’s because they are ‘too busy’. - according to research published by The Australia Institute in 2013’s 'Hard to get a break paper'. Of those workers who do take their lunch break, 72% said they often cut it short, worked through or pos...

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  • 7 Advantages of Temping

    ​If you have been considering temporary work then now is the perfect time to enter the market. Companies consider hiring temporary staff for a number of reasons which include, assisting with special projects, covering leave of employees, sick days and to trial a staff member before hiring them permanently. Read on the find out the benefits of temp work for you.Find Work ...

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  • Why its not OK to leave a job off your CV...

    ​​So many times I talk to people who advise me that they have left a job off their CV to make their CV look better or to hide a job that just wasn’t right. My advice to you is simple -  don’t ever do this. In todays world with the internet and social media, your digital footprint is everywhere ( don’t think employers don’t look at page 5 of google searching when they search ...

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  • How To Approach Your Boss On Wanting To WFH 2-3 Days!

    Whilst we are all glad to be returning to normality and getting back into the office, working from home has been beneficial, convenient, and given us a great work life balance. So it is understandable if you are feeling that keen to work from home 2 – 3 days a week. These days we can basically work from anywhere with a simple internet connection and this pandemic has shown t...

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  • Try Before You Buy!

    ​Due to certain unforeseen circumstances over the last few months, your businesses plans to hire a permanent employee may have changed. However, the need for staff members is still very much adamant.  If you’re needing an extra set of hands to help quickly clear up the backlog of work when returning back to the office and you don’t want to overload your team, this is the...

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  • Onboarding during lockdown

    Starting a new team member in the midst of a lockdown can either be a disorganised mess or a successful win. Irrespective of pandemics, the onboarding and induction process is always something that should be a positive experience for both the business and the new starter. We recently assisted in the placement of a team member that was headhunted, interviewed, hired and comme...

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  • How to make your CV leave a great first impression!

    Preparing your CV can be a very time consuming exercise but given its your biggest marketing tool when applying for new roles I suggest you make the time to get it right and I’ve got a few tips for you to make sure it is! Firstly, don’t rush it! Make sure you are 100% happy with the end result before you start sending it out you often only get once chance to make a great ...

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  • Why NOW is the best time to use a Temp Talent!

    Due to certain unforeseen circumstances over the past year, your businesses plans to hire a permanent employee may have changed. You may need an extra set of hands to help with the backlog of work but are not in a position to hire a permanent candidate. Here at Temp Talent, we understand that businesses have suffered, and we have a great solution that you can utilise to get ...

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  • How to Network!

    ​Life as we know it is slowly coming back. Businesses are starting to send their staff members back to the office. Meetings are face to face again and events are going ahead. Who has been missing networking events? I know we have here at Temp Talent HQ! The team is looking forward to attending our first in person event next week! Networking at industry events really can en...

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