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  • Handling constructive criticism in the workplace

    Ever feel like you are on the uphill struggle and can’t win a trick at work, we hear you! It might only be a few little bites of feedback that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and on the back foot. Nobody likes to be criticised but constructive criticism isn’t all bad and it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect, so taking this feedback and working with it can in f...

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  • How to stand out in the job application process

    As recruiters, we have seen it all – from turning up late (or not at all) to an interview and bad-mouthing previous employers to aggressively demanding that a job be offered to you. We have compiled a few common mistakes you might make throughout the job search process and how you can avoid these to make sure you stand out – for the right reasons! Always be diplomatic ...

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  • New Year, new job: How to write the perfect resume

    New Year, new job! So you've decided to go for it and make 2019 the year you take a leap of faith and apply for a new job. If you've been out of the job hunting game for a while, you probably need to brush up on your resume writing skills. Here's how to put together the perfect resume, according to our Director, Virginia Brookes.  Make your contact details easy to f...

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