The benefits of hiring a super temp before settling on a perm candidate

18 February 2021 Kat Morgan

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​Regardless of the type of position you need to fill, Temp Talent have a talent pool of highly skilled temps ready to step into your business to assist immediately.

But why is hiring a temp in your business the best option?

There are many advantages to hiring temporary employees. As a growing number of professionals decide that they want to work on a temporary basis, companies have access to highly skilled, adaptable temps that allow them to hire on a lower-risk, flexible and faster talent model. This means temps are being used to fill roles that are traditionally held by permanent employees.

So if you are planning on scaling your business, you want to trial a new position within your business or you simply have a project that you need specialised assistance to complete without adding to headcount, hiring a temp could be the perfect solution.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 key advantages to engaging a temp before you settle on a perm candidate:

• Hire professionals that are highly skilled in specific areas – Temps usually have a specific skillset and can carry out specialist tasks that no permanent employee in the business can do themselves

• Try before you buy – Unsure on a candidate? Why not trial them before you take them on full time

• Hire fast – Finding new employees can take a while, whereas hiring a temp can immediately fill in a gap

• Reduce the burden – during busy periods, temps can assist your permanent employees in getting through a large workload

• Fit for purpose – in a growing business, you need to rapidly establish new positions and this is the perfect situation to use a temp VS perm. This ensures you have an effective business strategy without making a long term commitment.