End Of Financial Year Goals

27 June 2022 Kat Morgan

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With the new financial year here, it’s a great opportunity to take a moment to pause, check in with goals you may have set in January, and look back on your achievements. It’ is also a time to plan ahead for reaching those next goals and career milestones.

It’s a good time to ask yourself the below questions to help assess plans for the new financial year. Here is where to put your focus:

Visualise – What is it you want to get out of the new financial year? Is it to increase your income or maybe to grow your market share? It is important to be clear and to then set some bite sized goals to work through to reach your ultimate outcome for the year

Happiness – surround yourself with an environment and people that are uplifting, positive and supportive. Don’t forget we become a product of our environment 

Commit – Is my goal attainable and am I committed to it? Try having someone that can keep you accountable and that you can bounce off when you need motivation or to share ideas

Health – Am I eating right and making time for regular exercise as well as getting enough sleep? Your wellbeing is important and keeping this in check will ensure you make good decisions 

Growth – What am I going to do on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to continue learning and developing my skills? It might be committing to training courses, listing to pod casts, TED talks or shadowing someone in the industry to share ideas and learn a new way of doing things. 

While the end of the financial year is usually focused firmly on finances, use the opportunity to assess both your personal and financial health. Afterall, both are innately linked so let’s make this a year of being balanced.