Decoding the Signals: Knowing When to Bring in Temporary Talent

13 November 2023 Kat Morgan

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 Knowing when to bring in temporary staff is a common dilemma for many clients. The evolving landscape of temporary employment is increasingly appealing to clients for various reasons. Based on our extensive experience, here are some scenarios in which hiring a temp might be the perfect solution:

1.       Leave Coverage:

Whether it's a short absence due to illness, a holiday gap, or an extended period like maternity leave, temporary staff can seamlessly step in, ranging from a single day to an extended term of 12 months or more.

2.       Delayed Permanent Hire:

If the search for a permanent staff member is taking longer than expected, hiring a temp can ensure that the role continues to function smoothly, minimising disruption to the team. In some cases, clients are so impressed with our temporary staff that they end up offering them a permanent position.

3.       Try Before You Buy:

In situations of uncertainty, opting for a temporary hire allows clients to assess whether a particular candidate is the right fit for both the job and the company before making a permanent commitment.

4.       Company Restructuring:

During a company restructuring, engaging temporary staff to cover various roles allows the organisation to assess whether the new roles are effective as planned.

5.       Permanent Headcount Restrictions: 

Larger businesses with permanent headcount limitations often turn to temporary staff to fill positions until a permanent solution becomes available.

6.       Work Overflow:

Temporary staff can help manage spikes in workload, providing support until the workload returns to normal levels.

7.       Budget Constraints:

When unable to afford a permanent hire, bringing in a temporary worker provides an extra pair of hands to help meet demands during busy periods.

The landscape of temporary employment is shifting, and it's no longer seen as merely a stopgap between jobs. Many of our temporary staff are professionals who actively choose this career path, enjoying the opportunity to work in diverse workplaces, address overflow work, and maintain a healthier work-life balance.

The use of temporary staff is on the rise, offering flexible solutions to meet the dynamic needs of businesses in the current marketplace.