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  • What Not to do in an Interview as a Client

    As an interviewer and employer it is easy to forget that you are also being assessed in the interview process. Throughout an interview your potential new employee will be analysing what they think of you, your office and the opportunity. Traditionally job interviews have been all about you assessing the Candidate for the role but in this market place it is as much about you ...

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  • Inducting a New Staff Member

    The first day for a new employee can be overwhelming for everyone – it means someone new for the team to meet, a distraction from your work load to get them trained up and settled in and a bundle of nerves and excitement for them. Being prepared is key to ensure your new employee settles in well with as little hiccups as possible, and is guaranteed to minimise chances of vol...

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  • When is it time to hire a temp

    Sometimes clients are unsure of temping and whether a temping solution is for them. We are noticing that more and more clients are embracing temps for a number of reasons and from our experience these are just some of the reasons why people engage a temp: Leave – whether it be to cover someone who is off sick for a day or longer, on annual leave gap or even maternity l...

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  • Best Interview Questions for Clients to Ask

    Interviewing future employees is an important part of your role but how can you get the most out of your interviews? It may be time to move away from the old school interview questions we are all used to hearing, such as "What are your strengths and weaknesses?". By asking behavioural based questions, you will be able to gain a deeper insight into how your future candidat...

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  • Our top 10 DON’Ts for your next interview

    Have you ever left an interview and questioned why you didn’t get the call back you wanted? Resolver Recruitment decided it’s time to share our insider tips on interviewers pet hates and big no no’s from an interviewers perspective. Below are our top 10 DON’Ts for your next interview, take these on board and ensure your next interview is a successful one; where you leave a l...

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  • Staff Retention Strategies

    When it comes to staff retention, it’s important to remember that one size does not necessarily fit all. To get the best out of your team, you need to identify each team member’s individual driver and tap into this in order to get the best out of them. By identifying what’s important to each of your employees you can increase the chances of them investing their time and skil...

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  • Is your CV ticking all the right boxes?

    Your resume is your tool to sell you. So don’t rush it! In today’s society, a job application is often just a click away, so your resume is likely to be one of many landing in your potential employers or recruiter’s inbox. You will need a well written, eye catching and relevant CV to get noticed and this can be a daunting process trying to get everything onto paper that b...

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