Why Temp?

Why Temp?

Temping, contract and casual work is becoming increasingly common in the modern workforce and companies hire temporary staff for a number of reasons including; assisting with special projects, covering leave of employees, sick days and to trial a staff member before hiring them permanently.

Below are just some of the many benefits to doing temp work.

Create your own schedule
Whether you have commitments outside work such as family or study, or you are on a working holiday visa and want to do some travelling, temping can offer you more flexibility and control over your working schedule. You can choose to work certain contracts that fit with your lifestyle.

Gain experience in a new industry / role
Stepping into an industry or role can be tricky if you have no experience in that field. Temping allows you to develop skills and contacts in any given industry and can sometimes even lead to permanent employment.

Earn money
Whether you are looking for your dream role or simply need some extra cash for your next trip, temping is a great way of making money fast.

Build your network
Temping allows you to meet like-minded people from a particular industry or meet someone you aspire to and see how they operate firsthand. Leaving an assignment on a positive note can also open doors down the road and lead to longer term positions in the future.

Close gaps on your resume
It can be hard to explain prolonged periods of unemployment to a potential employer. Temporary work keeps your skills fresh and can close any gaps on your resume, maintaining a solid timeline of employment which will give you a competitive advantage in the job market.