Benefits of Temping

10 May 2017 Virginia Brookes

1 Min

Temps are becoming increasingly prevalent in the job market and employers are embracing this change. The many benefits of using temps to support your business include increased productivity during peak business periods, ease of relief of permanent staff away on sick, maternity leave etc, trialling potential permanent employees and assisting with relief during the permanent recruitment process. However, there are also major benefits for employees as temporary candidates, explored below.


Being exposed to new environments allows temp workers to network with new and different people in their industry, or other industries. For employers, it encourages new ideas and innovations with a “fresh set of eyes” in the business, and networking/connecting with more like-minded professionals.

“Try before you buy”

Not sure if this company is for you? Why not start in a temp capacity to see if it’s the right fit? Employees and employers alike are increasingly enjoying the benefits of engaging in temp-to-perm contracts to make sure both parties are happy with the ongoing employment.

Skills Development

Temps have the benefit of accessing businesses and roles that they may not otherwise be eligible for as permanent roles, giving them a wider breadth of experience, skills development and exposure to industries/roles they would like to pursue in future. This set of skills and experience will long-term look more favourably upon their employability.

Work-life Balance

The ultimate balancing act – making sure you are happy and fulfilled at work as well as at home and other avenues of your life. Working as a temp is the perfect way to make sure you don’t lose sight of your skills and expertise, while holding ultimate control over days/hours worked.


In a workforce that is becoming increasingly 24/7, 7 days a week, the old adage of “Monday – Friday 9 – 5”, is no longer applicable in a globalised workforce. Working as a temp makes you look more attractive to employers, improves your flexibility and ability to take on new tasks and environments with ease, and adapt to a modernised labour force.