How to convert Customer Loyalty into Customer Advocacy

27 June 2017 Virginia Brookes

Loyal Customers V2

In the real estate and property industries, where many companies offer the same or similar services, it is vital to find a point of difference which converts your customers to not only loyal followers – but advocates of your business. After all, referrals are one of the most valuable sources of business in the corporate world!

There are a few steps to achieving Customer Advocacy and these should be the aim of every driven business owner to propel their short-term and long-term business objectives.

1.      Show Empathy

Put yourself in your client’s shoes – what are their concerns, needs and wants? What is the reason for their requiring your services and what would make the process a smooth and easy transaction for them? Creating an empathetic relationship will instil both trust and reassurance that your business is the right one above all others to handle your client’s assets.

2.      Create Trust

Although trust and empathy seem to go hand in hand, you must actively demonstrate your empathy in the relationship and constantly assure the client you have their best interests in mind throughout the process. Don’t make them feel like a number or a means to boosting your financial performance, be honest with them and create a trustful relationship. Advise them when they are paying too much for a certain service, or if they will be liable for a late fee, before they incur it.

3.      Be human

At the end of the day, human error will inevitably come into play in more than one transaction or relationship you acquire. It is important to still foster genuine, honest relationships with your clients so that if in any part of the process things change or do not work out unexpectedly, your client will still trust in your end result and solutions. Be honest, be genuine, and be human.