How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

12 September 2017 Virginia Brookes


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform and is an incredibly, and often underestimated, tool in your professional development. Utilising LinkedIn correctly is a great way to build your professional identity and make invaluable connections with like-minded professionals and organisations of interest. Recruiters see a wealth of diverse profiles each and every day, so Resolver Recruitment have put together some of our top tips to help you stand out above the rest.

Photos: a profile photo is obviously imperative, and on a platform such as LinkedIn, it should be professional – social photos whether from a recent holiday or when out for a special occasion will affect the overall professional appeal of your profile. Make sure your photo is just a simple headshot of yourself in business or professional attire, in order to give the right impression to anyone visiting your page. Cover photos should also not be overlooked – try and upload something that is relevant to your industry or profession that accurately “expresses your professional identity”.

Follow the right organisations: your professional following can say a lot about you and your potential fit into certain organisations that may be looking for someone with your professional experience. This will help hiring managers and head-hunters identify whether you may be interested in certain opportunities based on your interests immediately outside of your profession. Following companies of interest also helps you to stay ahead with industry news, changes that might affect you and allow you to interact with like-minded individuals.

Summary/bio: one of the most important, and often underestimated, aspect of your LinkedIn profile, your summary should act similarly to an objective statement on your CV – detailing your experience, objectives and intentions. However, it is recommended to not have this section dry and dull – include why you decided to get into the industry you’re currently in, what you enjoy the most about it etc. This can beef up the interest your profile projects onto potential clients, employers or investors. 

Recommendations:  These are like testimonials from past bosses, clients or colleagues and act as a great way for people to gain an insight into what your work style is like and can build up your credibility. There are features on LinkedIn where you can request these from your connections. 

Keep it relevant and up-to-date: probably the most important note so far – if you want to be found by the right people, you absolutely must keep your profile up to date. From your most recent/current position, to location and status of employment, these are all vital aspects that need to be consistently updated to reflect your current situation.