How to Make Your Real Estate Career a Success

28 November 2017

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is a lucrative but cut-throat industry and securing an entry level role can be challenging. There are a few select ways you can stand out amongst the crowd and put your best foot forward to prospective employers.

1.Know your market

Real estate is all about understanding and having holistic knowledge of the market you live and work in. Real Estate agents should be able to advise not only on market conditions to do with the suburb, locality and residential property trends, but what the community, economic and social aspects have to offer. For example, knowledge of what community events and groups are present in the area, what sort of demographic live and work in the area etc. Your clients should be able to trust you with the sale/buy of not only a house but a home and community.

2.Grow your network

Real Estate is also about who you know and the relationships you build for short- and long-term referrals. You should build relationships with as many people as possible in your local community, from local business owners to corporate businesses, schools and clubs. Referrals are an imperative and invaluable source of business for real estate agents as people want to trust the person handling their biggest asset, and will be more likely to take advice from someone they already know.

3.Think long-term, not short-term

Often entry level candidates do not know that a successful real estate career requires a lot of initial short- and mid-term investment for long-term success. You may feel discouraged by the lack of opportunity to move straight into a sales role in your first job in real estate, or not understand why after months of prospecting you are not able to secure a listing. Remember that all the work you do is an investment and if not fruitful now, will eventuate into a referral business or client long-term. Some of our best success stories are those candidates that were happy to start in a reception position to learn the ropes of real estate from a holistic point of view and progress gradually through the business with a thorough understanding of the industry and market they live and work in.