Why job hopping is becoming the new norm

13 June 2019 Virginia Brookes

Millennial Job Hopping Featured

It seems that long service leave and the gold watch for working 10 years in the one company is a thing of the past. More and more staff turnover seems to be the norm and while it can be incredibly disruptive to the team and your clients as well as costly and time consuming there are ways to navigate and understand why it happens

People well generally leave a job for money, progression or better benefits, it’s important as an employer to be aware of market trends, changes and what your competitors offer so you can offer the same or something slightly different to give your work place a competitive edge

Millennial’ s and Gen Y are known for wanting to run before they walk, this can be hard when they aren’t ready but by putting regular training, adding extra responsibility and treating them like a valuable asset will keep them engaged and feeling like they are moving forward.

Create an open forum for feedback and communication, have regular round table discussion with the team on what is going on in the business, allow team members to share their feedback on systems, processes, client experiences and ideas to improve parts of the business. Working collectively will remove the hierarchy which a lot of employees that job hop struggle with and will help everyone feel equal and included.

Be open to the applications that cross your desk, you can’t discourage determination and desire to do well and grow in your career and as an individual. Yes instability isn’t ideal but you never know your work place might just offer what this candidate is looking for and it might be worth taking a chance on them