Top Ways to keep your boss happy in 2018

27 February 2018 Virginia Brookes

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Aiming to keep your boss happy isn’t about sucking up and being the favourite, it’s about showing genuine interest in their business and leadership skills. Showing respect and interest can benefit your time in the business not only with your boss but with your colleagues.  Treat your boss like a mentor, they were in your shoes once and worked to get to the position they are in so learn from them to get to where you want to be in your career.

Meet your deadlines – Deadlines are in place for a reason and generally act like a domino effect when one deadline isn’t met or is pushed out it flows onto the team. Managing your work load to meet or even beat these keeps everyone happy from your boss and colleagues through to your clients.

Be proactive not reactive – No boss wants to babysit an employee and no employee wants to feel micromanaged. Use your industry knowledge and seek the answer, find a solution or find additional work that you can get stuck into. Even if the solution isn’t the right one, showing your boss you can act quickly will earn their respect.

Be a team player – Pull together and work with your team and nota against them. Put your hand up to help out where there are gaps and work with everyone to get through the work load or task at hand, you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable the role is