What does your recruiter need from you?

21 February 2019 Virginia Brookes


As a Candidate, working with a recruiter can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons that will only allow you to enhance your career success. Firstly it is essential to work with a recruiter you can trust; ask around with other people in the industry, read online reviews and look online to see who is most active in your marketplace – you need to find someone who is a “career partner”, someone who is going to look out in your best interests & ensure that they find you an opportunity that's not just best for you but best for your career too. What do you need to get the most out of this career partnership?

Understand what you want in a new role:

Think carefully what you want from your next move and what are your non negotiables and what are your negotiables. Be clear about what salary expectations are but think about what a realistic salary package is for your overall dream role that ticks every other single box; your recruiter will ne able to work with you too on what market rates are and if you are being realistic – they have an in depth knowledge of the marketplace and can guide you the right way.

Be totally up front about why you are leaving:

If it’s because of a pay rise have you spoken to your current employer? Do you feel like your career has hit the ceiling where you are or do you just feel that the office is no longer right for you – by being fully aware of the reasons you are moving on from your current employer allows recruiters to really do their job properly and find you a role that meets nearly all of your expectations – just be prepared to listen to some advice though – they may be able to guide you to something  you never thought would be perfect but it is!

Remain honest and open

Maintain an direct line of communication with your recruiter at all times and remain transparent about your current situation. The more your recruiter knows , they better they can effectively deal with situations that may arise through the job search process. Keep your recruiter updated with any other interviews or offers from companies that you are considering and return calls / messages with any new opportunities or giving feedback after each interview. Candidates that seem to go missing and do not return calls in reasonable time frames can get recruiters and clients off side – as the old saying goes treat your recruiter how you would like to be treated yourself.

Be assured that your aligned recruiter will be acting as your career partner and will be your biggest advocate in the market place, this can dramatically increase your chances of finding your dream role.