As a jobseeker how do you stop your details being sent everywhere!

04 June 2019 Virginia Brookes

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AGAIN this week I have met with another Candidate who made her CV public on a well known job board and her details have been blanketed everywhere, in fact she was sent to the same job 4 times – how crazy does that look to any future employer!

In this market highly skilled and experienced candidates are really well received so it’s ESSENTIAL that you have the right recruiter acting on your behalf.

In our team we MUST meet or “e-meet” a candidate face to face – its important to get to know each other and to understand which companies are going to be the right ones for you to work for. How can you do this without ever seeing someone or even speaking to someone?– how would you know if it’s going to be a good match? Never do we send your details without fully briefing you on a role including the name of the employer and the salary on offer and we get your permission before we send your detail out – PERIOD!

Your details are YOUR personal details and YOU need to know where they are being sent. Make sure you form a relationship with a recruiter who truly has your interests at heart.

Personally,  I have Candidates that I have placed 3 times over the last 12 years, whenever they are ready to make a move we work together on it – I have become their trusted careers adviser and that’s how you should think of your recruiter.

If I can help you with any more tips on this subject please get in touch.