How to retain your best staff

19 June 2019 Virginia Brookes


Staff retention and head hunting is a hot topic amongst the real estate and property industry at the moment. With lots of changes in the market there’s still a shortage of really fantastic and talented candidates and top talent is being heavily targeted with opportunity to jump ships. You as an employer need to ensure you are retaining your  best staff and here are some tips to ensure you do!

Creating the right culture is a great start. Have an environment that attracts the type of people you want, ensure everyone’s values are aligned, your expectations are clear and transparent and make sure you walk the talk as it success starts from the top!

Offer training to the performers NOT just the under performers, it’s easy to focus your energy on those who aren’t performing and funnelling all of your efforts into getting them on track be sure to continue developing your top performers, this shows you value them and seeing them succeed and grow.

Provide regular feedback, monthly 1 on 1’s are be non-negotiable; both of you need to continually discuss wins and lessons along with business and individual goals

This ensures you continue on the same track towards a common goal.

Look at benefits like casual Friday, work from home opportunities, targets to reach a financial bonus, access to gym memberships, flexible work hours, or paying for CPD renewals are great incentives. Little things like this can buy and retain loyalty in a candidate tight market.