5 things you should do if you find yourself without a job

17 April 2020 Virginia Brookes

D Og

Across the globe, employees are being laid off due to COVID -19. These are certainly hard times for everyone.

The uneven economy is making it incredibly difficult for many people to find work during this time.


Despite the difficult conditions, we might not be able to control being unemployed but we can control how we react to it. Here are 5 ways to keep you busy and productive during this uncertain times.


  1. Keep to a Schedule

Start your day early and make a schedule for your day to day tasks to remain focused and productive. Relaxing around in your PJ’s all day and having no structure to your days will start to have a negative effect on your mental and physical health.


  1. Register with a temp agency

Temping while you search for a permanent job will not only help you financially but is also a great way to utilise your skill set.


  1. Get organised

Whilst being unemployed is not ideal, it can be a great opportunity to get organised and tick off that to do list you never get around to. Start that spring cleaning, getting rid of anything you don’t need and complete any 'life admin' that has been sitting there for months. By doing this it will clear your mind so that you can focus on what you next move is going to be.  


  1. Upskill yourself

Never had the time or the money to enrol in a course to gain new skills? Now is the time to upskill yourself and add something to your CV. It could even open up opportunities when looking for you next career. TAFE NSW are even offering fee free short courses in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis!


  1. Exercise

Much like organising your life, a good way to keep your mental health and physical health on track is to exercise. A simple walk around the block a day can help you stay positive. Make sure you make the time to fit in some sort of exercise to help you stay motivated and determined during these uncertain times.