Spring Cleaning Tips to increase Productivity & Happiness at work!

16 September 2020 Kat Morgan

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​Time is always of the essence and although we cannot make more hours in the day, we can definitely make the hours we have more valuable and efficient. In the words of Benjamin Franklin for every minute spent organising, an hour is earned- and there’s no better time to take advantage of this than at the start of Spring!

Spring cleaning isn’t just something to do at home, your workspace deserves a little attention too and has an overall impact on your performance and reputation with your colleagues. A recent study found 57% of staff admit to judging their co-workers based on how clean or dirty they keep their workspace.

An organised office will help you be more efficient and productive for obvious reasons, knowing where all your things are will save time and will also make you feel and perform at your best. When you love your office space it can be a real mood booster and keeping a clean office sends the right message to people you work with and helps with overall impressions. Small changes can make a big difference and investing in the time now will save you time later down the track.

Get inspired & motivated- It will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable if you have a task and reward-based approach. Consider rewarding yourself afterwards once the office clean up is complete to help motivate & steer you. What will help is to get excited picturing how you want your office to look at the end.

Have a process- Break down the areas into time frames, something smaller like a junk desk drawer can be done in 15 minutes whereas a whole set of draws can take a lot longer. Don’t get side-tracked, have a clear area you want to focus on and finish it completely before moving onto something else. Place everyday items in easy to reach places, items that are not used daily create clutter so find a permanent home for these- this will also increase your desk space!

Add some colour- Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be about decluttering and dusting. Adding small touches like lighting, art, desk organisers can add pops of colour and character and brighten your overall space. These are the non-essential cosmetic changes however it’s the little touches can make a big difference!

Spring is a time of renewal so what better time to start then now!