7 Advantages of Temping

24 March 2022 Kat Morgan

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​If you have been considering temporary work then now is the perfect time to enter the market. Companies consider hiring temporary staff for a number of reasons which include, assisting with special projects, covering leave of employees, sick days and to trial a staff member before hiring them permanently. Read on the find out the benefits of temp work for you.

Find Work Quickly

It’s great getting into work sooner rather than later, taking on a temporary role is a far quicker process than getting a permanent position within the same company.

Create your own schedule

Do you have commitments outside work such as family or study? Are you on a working holiday visa? If so then temporary work may just be the right thing for you. Temping can offer you more flexibility and control over your working schedule. You can choose to work certain contracts that fit with your lifestyle.

That Temporary assignment could become permanent

A temporary assignment is a great way to prove your worth to a company, you can utilise your temporary role to help get your foot in the door and stand out. Always arriving on time and staying late when needed are a great way to grab your employer’s attention who may then wish to extend your contract or offer you a permanent position.

Gain new skills & experiences

Temping assignments are great for learning new skills and are perfect for new graduates looking to get started in the workforce. You have the option to trial different companies and work with their procedures and systems to find the best fit for you

Face New challenges

Temporary roles are always ongoing in international organisations, not for profit’s, SME’s, locally owned businesses and government departments as well as across a number of industries including finance services, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality and more.

Build your network

When your assignment ends your employer may not have a position vacant for you however what you will leave with is a solid reference. Leaving your assignments on a positive can open doors down the road and can lead to longer term positions in the future. Your temp consultant will also be keen for you to keep working and you’ve previously proven yourself to be a reliable and hard worker.

Close gaps on your resume

It can be hard to explain prolonged periods of unemployment to a potential employer. Temporary work keeps your skills fresh and can close any gaps on your resume, maintaining a solid timeline of employment where possible can give you a competitive advantage in the job market.