Why NOW is the best time to use a Temp Talent!

15 April 2021 Kat Morgan

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Due to certain unforeseen circumstances over the past year, your businesses plans to hire a permanent employee may have changed. You may need an extra set of hands to help with the backlog of work but are not in a position to hire a permanent candidate. Here at Temp Talent, we understand that businesses have suffered, and we have a great solution that you can utilise to get the extra help you need.

Temp Talent supplies clients with a range of temporary candidates with varying skill sets from customer service, accounting, marketing, and assistance across the Real Estate space. We help to place candidates into roles that have the maximum skills to complete specific requirements. You can utilise temp workers on specific projects or tasks within your office. Receive the peace of mind knowing that you can hire someone with a particular skillset for a short amount of time and not worry about going through the hiring process – Leave this to us!

Our payroll system means that we pay and mange each candidate’s wage. We are constantly keeping up to date with employment laws and compliance to manage the process for you! Temps are employed by Temp Talent which means there is no extra burden on your accounts team to process their payroll.

Don’t let unforeseen circumstances be a burden on your business again! We are all unsure what the future hold so let Temp Talent help with a flexible and cost effective solution for your business to continue to function as normal.