5 Ways to Boost Your Professional Development – Starting Today!

01 November 2017 Virginia Brookes



Social media usage in business and the corporate world is growing exponentially and it’s time you joined the movement – it has never been so easy to communicate with multitudes of people you wouldn’t typically be able to converse with. Start connecting with inspirational/successful people in your field, people you aspire to be like, and start networking! Build your following and cultivate a strong network and community in your industry. This way you will not only build your professional profile, but keep updated with market changes, what your influencers are doing and how you can remain ahead in your profession.


Mentoring, or being mentored, are some of the most powerful resources to your professional development. See if you can take someone under your wing, even outside of work, to mentor and train them in something you are an expert in – after all the best way to develop and cultivate your knowledge is by teaching it to someone else.

Having the opportunity to be mentored by someone is invaluable – they have often faced the same challenges and learning curves you have and will be able to impart first-hand knowledge and experience to help you grow.


Whether its reading market updates in publications or spending a focused amount of time exploring your new found social media community, it’s important to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry. Schedule a time each week or even every day to do this – for example instead of spending your commute to work scrolling through your personal social media, bring a book with you or a kindle and start reading books on professional or personal development or movers and shakers in the world/your industry.


Podcasts are an excellent, convenient way to absorb news and information relevant to you, your industry and your professional development. This is another great way to spend your commute to and from work or even while at the gym or on the road!


Although more time-consuming and expensive than social media and digital methods of professional development – it’s imperative not to discredit workshops, seminars and networking events as an invaluable method of professional development. Not only are you bound to consume an abundance of new information, you will be able to physically meet and network with like-minded individuals in your field!