Tips & Tricks to Mastering Social Media

27 June 2018 Virginia Brookes

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Virginia posted a video last year about the power of social media. As both a candidate and a client social is very important when it comes to recruitment.

Virginia says “You can guarantee as a candidate that the moment your CV hits a desk, that employer is looking at your social media account.”

Here is a recap of Virginia’s video and a few tips from Mitch Hills from Mastered Marketing to help you increase your followers and create the right impression when going for your next job.

Tips & Tricks

  • Video outperforms every other type of content by a country mile. You absolutely need to be on video if you aren’t already. Smartphone is fine! Also, live streams are terrific if you can.
  • Play the long game - People expect to put up a Facebook post and get a huge client or make thousands of dollars immediately. If it were that easy we’d all be millionaires. Focus less on lead generation and more on relevancy and consistency, and you’ll win. If you’re the #1 person in your local fish pond you’ll get business.
  • If you are doing lead generation you need to target a super-specific audience (don’t be vague) and offer something so attractive that they’d be stupid to ignore it.
  • You should be allocating a portion of your budget ($5 - $10 a day is fine) to nurturing your existing fans and customers. You need to be in front of customers and prospects regularly with little nuggets of content. Not everyone buys right away, so sponsor posts to your fans to stay in front of them and stay top-of-mind. When they are ready to buy, they’ll come to you and not your competition.
  • The less visuals you have, the worse your engagement. Text statuses and links on Facebook do terrible compared to video and images. Often, it’s better to post a photo and share a link in the caption. 
  • Leverage retargeting. If someone has seen you once they are more likely to engage or convert. It’s such a waste not to! (If you don’t know how to do this just google it)
  • People’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Your content and posts need to be straight to the point, don’t waffle or give unnecessary length, they will leave. 
  • Instagram stories get surprisingly good engagement. Start using them!
  • The quality of content needs to be seriously valuable. There is so much info out there now that simply being ‘active’ isn’t enough. Instead of doing 5 pieces of content spend 5 times the effort making 1 awesome.
  • Casual, personal content works. People often hesitate because it’s not ‘perfect’ but it actually doesn’t matter if what you’re saying is good. It shouldn’t feel like an ad anyway! 
  • The key to engaging content is telling a story. Nobody has 30 seconds for a brand but everyone has 30 seconds for a good story!
  • Facebook Ads are still the best, most effective and affordable method of marketing for businesses ever. The longer you wait the more expensive it gets! 
  • Consistency is crucial. Random spurts of social media actually damage your account. Keep it simple and do one a day to get in the habit of posting. 
  • If your website isn’t mobile optimized you are killing your brand and losing money.
  • Scheduling platforms are awesome to stay organized on Instagram, but third party platforms damage your reach with Facebook.  


So, what does your social say about you?