Why you don’t need time to train a Temp

18 June 2020 Virginia Brookes

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Temps are most often utilised to fill in a staffing gap, whether that be between permanent hires, to cover annual leave or just provide an extra set of hands during a busy period. The expectation is that they are fast, efficient, and able to step into a business and hit the ground running! So, it’s no wonder that one of the most common hesitations we hear regarding the use of Temps is not having enough time to train or manage temp staff. This is where Temp Talent come in.  


There are a number of stages and behind the scenes work that go into finding the right candidates, and ensuring that we're providing a temporary solution that requires as little training as possible once they're on the job.​ 


Each candidate needs to pass an initial phone screening and more recently, we have introduced video into our application process to really assess a candidate’s phone manner and presentation from the get-go. A large portion of our roles do see the Temp on the front desk, so it is imperative that they are making a great first impression to use before we engage in working with them.  


We also conduct a skill testing stage to ascertain individual skill sets required for a role. For example, for a high level data entry role we are looking for candidates that can achieve at least 90% or above on Microsoft Excel because we know that our clients just don't have the time to train Temps on the job.​ 


We then interview each candidate face to face and follow up with two references. In both stages we're asking specific behavioural based questions to really get to the bottom of whether a candidate has the ability to pick up tasks quickly and run with them. ​ 

And then as far as managing the temp, during a booking we are in constant contact with candidates to make sure they are on track and happy. We also manage the entire payroll process so our clients can just get on with running their business. This is why you come to us after all!  


Finally, there will always be a handover process when settling the temp in however we stress that this should not be misconstrued as on the job training. Even the most experienced temps are not expected to know the exact processes for each individual office so it’s critical that they’re given some form of a  handover so that there is no second guessing and they can get on with the job. 


For more information about how you can best utilise Temp staff in your office today, please call 02 9966 4211.