Dressing for Success

17 July 2019 Virginia Brookes

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Office appropriate attire has changed over the years and formal business attire isn’t always a requirement in the workplace anymore. Everyone has their own style and that is what makes them unique but it’s important to remember the difference between suitable work attire and looking like you are ready for a nightclub. The property industry is all about image and how you present yourself, a book is judged by its cover and there will be times your prospective employers, or clients will judge you based on your appearance. Dressing for the job you want is important and the below tips should be kept in mind when dressing for your next day in the office;

Dress like your career idol not your pop idol – Even if there are no set rules on dress code in the office, follow the lead of your managers and colleagues and this will show that you take things seriously. Keep the casual and crazy colours for the weekend.

Keep it clean & sharp – Casual and sloppy are exactly that, the easiest way to look the part is to wear clean, pressed clothing that isn’t ill-fitting, cut to low or riding to high. Having fresh corporate attire doesn’t have to be expensive, generally when clothes fit well they will always look more expensive and stylish.

Do a daily check – Start from the bottom - are your shoes polished, do your socks match your suit (white socks and a dark suit is a no), ensure your nail polish isn’t chipped, tattoos are covered, makeup is minimal and your hair is clean and slicked back. Most importantly make sure you haven’t gone too crazy with the perfume.