Get rid of your work place distraction and boost your productivity!

06 September 2019 Virginia Brookes

Boost Your Productivity At Work

No one is totally alone with getting distracted; at some point during the day we can get easily distracted from what we are supposed to be doing! There are a huge amount of things that can be disruptive in the work place but one of the largest distractions is most certainly technology.  We rely on it so much to do our work but it can also see us get lost in hours of facebook or online shopping and not getting through our tasks. Taking regular breaks throughout the day can really help with your productivity so always make sure you get outside even for 10 minutes for some fresh air and sunlight!

Below are some of the top distractions and how we deal with them:

Replying to messages – Try not replying instantly to family or friends/non work related messages that aren’t urgent as well as keeping responses short and sweet.

Social media – Surfing through Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat can suck hours of time before you know it. Try staying signed out on your phone so temptation isn’t there to click on the icon every 5 minutes.

Browsing the internet – This can be online shopping, looking up sports scores, gossip and current affairs along with holidays ideas. Try limit it to lunch breaks only and don’t store things in your favourites so it’s harder to quickly jump onto your regular favourite sites.

Co-workers dropping by – This one is harder to stop but an initiative we have in our office is when your headphones are in you don’t want to be distracted so the team know not to linger around your desk and to email you anything urgent so you can respond.