How to show your staff appreciation during this time

07 May 2020 Virginia Brookes

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We've been so lucky at Temp Talent to have our Director Virginia Brookes be really accommodating to the changing work environments & styles.

We can say our work productivity has increased whilst being at home as we have the flexibility to get to those dreaded life admin tasks!

What we've found works for our team is a quick morning catch up via teams to discuss goals we have for the day and also to celebrate our wins as a group.

Mornings work best for us as it starts the day on a positive so we can all hit the ground running

It’s also nice to get those positive reassurances through these tough times in that you’re doing a great job and are valued.

Friday afternoon happy hour is still existent with myself & colleagues, get to wind down the week and there is never a call for last drinks!

So what are you doing in your business to keep staff motivated and energized?

Here are 3 ways to show your staff appreciation during this time

  1. Use technology for face to face interaction – use to connect with the whole team and highlight achievements in the office. Also helps with feelings of loneliness as can socialise and get that in-office feeling
  2. Keep providing training / support – provide them with access to training webinars to continue with professional development
  3. Ensure flexibility – working from home comes with a new set of challenges so allow some flexibility for them to docus on personal means they will get back to work with a clear mind