"I've had a bad experience with another agency"

19 June 2020 Virginia Brookes

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72% of companies have outlined a bad experience with recruitment agencies.

“Jackie, I’ve had a bad experience with another agency, I booked in a last-minute temp and they never showed up to the booking, the agency texted me 5 minutes before they were set to start! What do you do differently, so this doesn’t happen?”

Just yesterday I had this question pop up when speaking to a now new client of ours who obtained my details from one of our fantastic weekly mailers! My answer came down to 3 main reasons as to why a company could have a bad experience.

1. Poor Communication – Mismatch of days and hours needed covered, information not being relayed to the client until last minute by trying to avoid the hard conversations.  

Keeping our finger on the pulse and knowing our clients & candidates we do find our communication methods quite varied across, work phones so calls, texts, email and social media accounts- we offer a wide range of methods to make ourselves available for our clients.

I can say that my phone is on for any client with a temp in a booking, and also by offering clients our early bird service we have those last-minute sick day calls or texts you can get at any hour from your staff covered!

2. Unsuitable Candidates – Not being screened properly or not having the right skill for what you need.  Our check ins are to ensure candidates are suitable and on track whilst in your business, we also have a less forceful approach when offering our candidates work- the choice is ultimately theirs to accept so in the long run you get a candidate who less likely to not turn up.

3. No replacement guarantee – Often means you are stuck with an unsuitable candidate which can cost you more time & money. 9 times out of 10 on the permanent side there is a replacement warranty however not many think on the temp side which is why we offer our clients peace of mind through a 4-hour warranty period. Monitored through our check in phases, if you’re not entirely happy within the first 4 hours we’ll replace the candidate and there will be no charge to you at all. 

Can say in my time at Temp Talent I’ve never had to apply this replacement which is just a testament to the behind the scenes work we do!

Next time you need extra help in your office put out 4-hour guarantee to the test and get out of that 72%.