Why its not OK to leave a job off your CV...

15 February 2022 Kat Morgan

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​​So many times I talk to people who advise me that they have left a job off their CV to make their CV look better or to hide a job that just wasn’t right. My advice to you is simple -  don’t ever do this. In todays world with the internet and social media, your digital footprint is everywhere ( don’t think employers don’t look at page 5 of google searching when they search your name). Leaving jobs off your CV that are easily found online creates a dishonest image of yourself before anyone has even met you – you won’t get to round one of the phone or face to face interview. Simply be honest, don’t omit a role or “stretch the truth”.

When putting your CV together, I always suggest putting a reason for leaving each job on your CV, this allows the person reviewing your CV to make a more in depth decision about progressing your application further, especially when you have had a short stint somewhere. Be sure to include temp or contract roles as well and make it very clear that these were temp or contract roles and why.

In short leaving jobs off your CV, or, changing the dates of other roles to make your CV look better shows you are not forthcoming with the truth and no one really wants to hire someone they can’t trust. Put your most authentic self out there, don’t let someone you are trying to impress catch you out.